Wednesday 4th October we went to town cinemas showroom . And we watched the big friendly giant and we had popcorn and juice it was fun .we went on 2 buses and when we came back and had our lunch in the classroom .it was great.


Amazing homework

The Fireballs have already been bringing in their project homework linked to our topic ‘The BFG’.

I have been really impressed by the quality of homework that has come back so far.  Thank you Fireballs!

Welcome to Y5

Fireballs are now in Year 5 with Mrs Johnson and Mr Lowe.  The whole class have been setting a fantastic example with their behaviour during our standards week. Well done Fireballs, keep doing your best!  We also have 2 new members of the class, Snickers and Cookie, our class guinea pigs. They have been very well looked after already!